One dumbbell workout




School has already started for the most of us and for me I find it harder and harder to make time for the gym. I’m sure most of you feel the same, right? So I’ve started working out in the comfort of my own home saving time which would be spent traveling to the gym. Also, working out from home is a lot more stress free when you don’t have to wait hours on end for the equipment you want to use. Let’s get down to it! It would be a simple 30-40min full body workout involving one dumbbell. The dumbbell can be switched with a 1.5L water bottle, books or anything heavy. Just be creative! For this work out I’ll be using a 5kg dumbbell.

1st Routine (15 reps for each exercise, 3 sets/ I rest for 2min between each set)

1. Shoulder press Lunges (15 for each leg, making it 30 in total)


Hold the weight above the head and lunge. The knees should be at a 90degree angle and the back straight to prevent injury.

2. Donkey Kicks


Place the weight on the backs of your knee as shown in the picture. Lift the leg up making sure to have a full range of motion. As such the weight should be above your butt when lifted.

3. Shoulder press squats


Place the weight in front of your body in starting position. Once you begin to squat, lift the weight above your head. Remember to bring your butt as close to the ground as possible, engaging the glutes.

2nd Routine (15 reps for each exercise, 3 sets/ I rest for 2min between each set)

1. Shoulder press


With both hands, lift the weight above your head.

2. Dumbbell Rows (15 for each arm, 30 in total)


Kneel over side of bench by placing knee and hand of supporting arm on bench. Position foot of opposite leg slightly back to side. Grasp dumbbell from floor. Pull dumbbell to up to side until it makes contact with ribs or until upper arm is just beyond horizontal. Return until arm is extended and shoulder is stretched downward. Repeat and continue with opposite arm.

3. Weighted Sit ups



Extend your arms with the weights behind your head and sit up.

Hope this helped! ❤ If you guys have any questions, feel free to email me!