Tokyo Photo Diary


City lights contrasted against sublime nature, rich imagery and history.


My Final Days in Japan

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My final days in Japan… were spent shopping and walking aimlessly around town. I really regretted not planning my days out better so that I would have been able to grasp japanese culture even better. I missed out on trying authentic cuisine while in Tokyo as most places were very westernized. Not saying that the commercial food in Japan isn’t amazing and one of a kind. The flavors were extraordinary as japanese and western cuisine were fused so seamlessly. I just wished I had the opportunity to walk around in the suburbs and actually witness day to day operations of local and actually being one with Japanese culture. I was too focused on shopping… a common mistake by many. But how could I not be? Tokyo is a mecca of fashion and I really couldn’t help myself. Men’s fashion in Tokyo is way superior compared to women’s wear, and I couldn’t bare to look away from the pristine tailoring and distraught denim. I was also in sneaker heaven. Everyone takes so much initiative to look good and I could easily just ogle at the well dressed Japanese.

I had actually planned to visit some local parks and museums while in Tokyo… but missed the opportunity. Don’t worry though! I’ll be back for more in due time

Japan Day 4








Kinda forgot to upload these pictures… pls forgive me! These were taken near my hotel located at Hyakunincho, Shinjuku. I had no idea that Hyakunincho is dedicated to all things KPOP or anything korean related. Right when i spotted life these sized posters of T.O.P, i was immediately teleported to heaven. Not joking, I seriously felt a bit light headed from the stares all the T.O.P posters were giving me. The posters cost 500yen (6SGD), and i really couldn’t fathom the idea of T.O.P’s face being mine for less than $10?! They were of amazing quality as well….. With rows of stores lined up, every KPOP idol could be easily located. There were Big Bang cafes with GD, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri faces plastered everywhere around the shop! ~heaven~ we really need more of this in sg.

It was really enlightening experience as well, it felt like being in korea! Most of the shop keepers spoke fluent korean greeting the korean locals with annyeonghaseyo. Amazing how hospitable the Japanese can be

Japan 2013 Day 1 and 2

As you guys might know, my mum and i went to JAPAN to celebrate x’mas this year and also to follow through with our yearly tradition to have a nice getaway at the end of the year (I’m having some troubles typing due to my insanely long nails…. but more on that later on). We stayed at the Hundred Stay Tokyo which is located at Shinjuku. Tokyo is huge so there are more than one train station for one particular location unlike Sg where Orchard is just Orchard and City hall is just City Hall. We arrived at night and were completely gone by the time we got to the hotel. So day 1 just comprised of convenient store suppers and sleeping.

Breakfast on Day 2 at Tokyu departmental store (Shibuya): The awesome array of food cost less than $35?!?!? it was fucking fresh as well, just amazing la


_MG_9189 _MG_9191            _MG_9200 After she took my picture she jumped about enthusiastically asking for her tourist shot… now u see where i get selfie habits from_MG_9203 IMG_9219

just one of the many train maps…. This is the JR line which i suggest is the best way to get around, since most of the popular destinations have the JR railway nearby. I had my fair share of troubles getting around but the japanese are very approachable and wont think twice in helping u find ur way! ^_^IMG_9226 my wonderful mama, love u ❤ IMG_9222we were in japan for 10days so except more posts coming up ❤