I had a pretty terrible experience with M1 previously and I knew I had to start my search for a new telco after a recent spam of angry tweets.

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But I swear I wasn’t overreacting in any way!! I’ve always been a loyal customer of M1, it being the only telecom I used since purchasing my first mobile. I never had any issues with M1 and the quality of their service until I moved to Toa Payoh. Honestly speaking I never thought I would experience problems with reception in TOA PAYOH?!
I even had problems receiving a signal in my own house… I just brushed it off thinking that it wouldn’t be much of an issue in the long run, but nothing really changed a few months down the road. So I decided to give M1 a call to inquire about the poor reception in my area. They told me that the problem was because I was in a newly developed HDB block and the signal was not able to reach the area. M1 assured me that the problem would be resolved in a couple of weeks, but it’s been 2 years.. and no change.

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Made a trip down to SingTel after hearing how trouble-free it is from my friends and found out about the Youth Plan offered by SingTel which is a life-saver if you are a student like me!
A few weeks into my new plan and all I can say is .. It is so awesome?!?!?!!? The signal now has dramatically improved and considering that I still get a strong signal in school is a total plus point! Since it’s pretty much impossible to get an actual connection in CJ! Compared to the previous plan I was contracted with, I honestly believe that SingTel caters specifically to the youths! They know what exactly what we want! Which is more DATA and FREE STUFF *_*
Compared to the measly 2GB I had to survive on previously, this is complete heaven. Twitter/Insta/YouTube being able to load in a matter of seconds! I now no longer have to deal with waiting for my god damn video to load on Youtube and worry about exceeding my data each month when I stream and surf videos and shop online …

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Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 1.33.28 amHere’s a comparison to what SingTel has to offer (1st 2 columns) compared to the other telcos! It only takes a glance to who is the clear winner here! To break down in words, SingTel is currently offering an additional 10% discount off your monthly bill and an additional 1 GB worth of data and no data charge when you use Amped!
But that’s not all!
LAST BUT NO LEAST!!!!!!!! If you sign up for a new line under my name:
YOU WILL GET (Only for LITE and VALUE plan) :
> $50 off all handsets (excl iPhone) on Youth Plan sign ups
> FREE 2GB additional data with which means 5GB in total if you sign up for the Lite plan and 6GB when you sign up for the Value Plan l!!! (SO WORTH IT ?!)
I believe you guys should be a pro at online shopping just like me! It’s pretty amazing that you can now purchase your phone and sign up for a new line at SingTel ‘s e-shop which is verified 100% SAFE and the entire process is so hassle free I am so thankful I don’t have to be dragged up early to go down to a physical store only to collect a queue number and wait forever. And now you no longer have to trouble your parents to bring you down because you can do it yourself!!!
Here’s how you do it:
1. Sign up for an account

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You need to have either a or OnePass account in order to make a purchase online. If you do not have any of these accounts, simply register for one. With an account, you may login for find out additional discount available just for you.

That being said, you only have to be above 18 to qualify to sign up for a new line just like me! Do not worry if you are not yet 18, all you need is a photo of your parent/guardian/guarantor’s IC when you apply online. And if you were to head down to the SingTel shops, your parent/guardian/guarantor needs to be present too.

2. Select your phone

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After keying in your particulars, you can start browsing through the phone you want in this catalogue! Not only that, the link allows you to compare the price and specs of the phones you want all in one page!

3. Select for a new number! Or if you are an existing StarHub or M1 user, you can still retain the number by selecting the option below!

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4. Select a youth plan you like!

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All youth plans here will get a promotional 10% discount off your monthly bill and an additional 1 GB worth of data from SingTel. From my link, you will get the additional 2GB and $50 off handset discount only for the ‘Lite’ and ‘Value Youth’ Plan for new sign ups only!

5. Confirm your order!

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Once you get to this page, you will be able to see the $50 off handset discount at the bottom of the page. The additional 2GB that you will be getting from me will be reflected once the bill is mailed over to you! And the perks from me is only valid when you sign up for a new line !

Pretty simple right? Delivery will only take 3-4 days for the phone to reach your place and you can choose to pay by cash, NETS or credit card!
If you are still more comfortable to head down to the physical store together with your parents and still want to enjoy the perks from my link, you’ll have to email with your Name, Contact Number and let them know you are my reader and the voucher will be mailed to you directly for you to redeem at the shop!
Here’s a couple of FAQ to clear your doubt:
1. Who is eligible for the Youth Plan?
a) All students with valid local student cards
b) Full time NS men with service status “NSF” in their 11B identity card and aged 25 years and below at the point of sign up, excluding regulars
Do note that only 1 student card or 11B IC is applicable per youth plan. Any customer with both a valid local student card and an 11B will not be eligible to apply to 2 youth plans under his name.

3. To which Youth Plans are the perks applicable?

Only the Lite and Value Youth Plans enjoy the perks, so do select either of these when signing up for a new line/re-contracting.

4. Can I only sign up for this plan online?
You may also sign up for this Youth Plan at any SingTel shop, but do note that there are some special perks only available to those who sign up through my link :

5. How does the phone trade-in work?
If you have a phone you’d like to trade in, there is an optional segment before check-out to offset your one-time payment. Select which phone you would like to trade in, and present it to the delivery person at point of delivery

Help spread the love to your friends or family members about this exclusive perks that SingTel is offering together with me!!!!
Thanks SINGTEL ❤