Seoul: Hongdae

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Had the best experience at the Dog and Cat Cafe in Hongdae! ❤ (Bau house- 394-44 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. (Je-il Building, rear entrance, 1st floor). Probably the most student friendly district in Seoul, considering that Hongkik University is a stroll away. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived at Hongdae which was a couple of minutes away by train. (thankfully) Wasn’t expecting much since it was indeed a “university” district, i mean what could there possibly be in an area filled with students. How wrong was I? The place is bustling with energy, close to exploding with the amount of people wandering around. Not in anyway uncomfortable, it added to the whole atmosphere of Hongdae. The night life which was the best thing about Seoul hands down really elevated my experience in Korea. The bars were so different from anything in Singapore and considering the fact that you could walk aimlessly down the streets added to the easiness of traveling in Seoul. Every part bar in Hongdae had a different concept, some were hawaiian themed, some based on an eccentric rock band. But we finally settled on a tiny bar named after Lucky Strike. Drinks were cheap, considering that the bartender told me that a beer costing $5 was labelled as pricy?! Which is a miracle here in Singapore. The whole bar was covered in lucky strike posters and many signed dollar bills by happy customers.

One of the main intentions of loitering around Seoul alone i.e Joy and I, was to make some Korean friends. But I think the slogan of “the tourist police, your first friend in Seoul” kinda stuck around till we coincidentally met a friend from Singapore. We went out for drinks but couldn’t resist the temptation to CLUB. The one thing u have to do when u come to Seoul is to party! We went to Club MAMA- pretty sleazy but a heck of a lot fun and followed by Club Cocoon! The night ended when the sun rose.. a serious state of shock went I left the building felt like I attended a mass party but it was considered the norm in Seoul!? Wanna party now after typing this…




Seoul Day 3

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Day 3 was spent at Lotte World which is not to be confused with Lotte Pepero. Well since they are both under the same parent company of Lotte… I won’t hold it against you. I really enjoyed myself at Lotte even though it pretty small there were a lot of rides. No seriously though, given the comparison with USS this place owns. There are about 10 rides in Magic Island which is outdoor versus the air-conditioned Lotte World which has about 5? My favourite ride would have been the swing, I forgot what it’s called but a group of adult male Koreans were humming “swing, swing, swing” continuously as they skipped towards the ride… awkward!

The usually greeting by the Lotte world staff would be “annyeong!” with hands out front, shaking left to right. It’s really comical and adds to the kid-like atmosphere of the place. Its kinda stuck in my head since I still do it now in Singapore. So… the next time you see me say “annyeong!” ~ ❤ I wouldn't recommend eating inside the amusement park since it's pretty commercial stuff and not really kind to your wallet. Since Lotte World is located inside a mall OMG?! just grab lunch before entering or some korean seaweed to munch on inside… yummy Ironically, Joy and I had japanese food in a korean themed park. I also had churros for the first time?! Major loser 😦 Honestly, I thought I wouldn't really enjoy a kiddish amusement park but it was really one of the best experiences I had in Seoul! I heard there's another themed park in Seoul… but maybe another time.

Seoul Day 1

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I wasn’t intending to go to Seoul this June holidays but my mum surprised me when she asked me to tag along on her work trip, thus I hustled Joy to come along. Being both BIG BANG fanatics, we kinda have a slight obsession with Korea. Think the crazy daydreaming has heightened to a new state of insanity after the trip.. as I seem slightly over the edge with my fantasy with Big Bang. I kinda love Exo now, ps Kai please be mine.
Arriving at 5pm korean time, it was pretty impossible to do anything so Joy and I ordered room service and wandered around Myeongdong at night. We both stayed at Lotte Hotel right next to the famous Myeongdong district, where cosmetics shops line every alley and go on for ages, similarly to staring at the horizon just that the sun is now switched with Lee Min Ho, GD, and other hot boy’s faces.
The entire trip was just Joy and I since my mum was busy working, still undecided if it was a blessing or a curse. 12am hunger pangs were satisfied with kimchi rice in seaweed wrapping ~yummy~

Day 2, was spent wondering around Gangnam, it was a long unnecessary train ride to the city about 40min… to be let down by the boring shopping experience in the main district of Gangnam. A friend then recommended to head to Sinsa to locate the store Low Classic. As lamely put, it was like the Haji lane of Korea just super sized. Ok, maybe more Tiong Bahru… With more apparel boutiques. I actually I really like Sinsa for the quaint cafes lying around every corner. This country is crazy for caffeine, a common sight which occurs at 10pm is a local sipping on coffee. Another plus point about Sinsa, is the cute boys. Not forgetting to mention, CUTE BOYS WHO MAKE COFFEE!!! ❤ So if u are a girl, please come here. You won’t regret it.