Origins #quaterlifecrisis

I’ve always been a big fan of Origins who specializes in producing skin care that is certified organic and free of chemicals, which is great for every skin type especially if you have sensitive skin!

So, let me introduce to you the two products that they have gifted me:
1. Rose Clay Mask
2. Renewal Serum with Willowherb
from the Origins Original Skin line!

School has been pretty stressful lately with test after test and the countdown to As, resulting in my skin not being so great… the usual problems such as dullness, break outs and roughness, like where you get those irritating bumps on your skin? I’m sure you guys can relate!

Now that I’m done with the usual A level rant, I really want to share with you how the products have helped with my skin tremendously! After one application of the mask, I really noticed that my skin has become more translucent and brighter.

Here is a before pic:

And next, me using the product! The texture of the mask is rough to touch as it has small beads to help exfoliate the skin as you wash it off. The smell is pleasant, very aromatic and it reminds me of an English garden (not that I’ve been to one, it is just how I would imagine it to be).


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A selfie with the product of course, as all narcissistic girls do ☺

I edited it on the Origins #QuarterLifeCrisis app, available on both Android and iOS! Use these links to download it.

Play Store:
App Store:

I left the mask on for 10min as per the instructions, but you can leave on till it dries as I usually do for other products. One thing I noticed is that the mask washes off very easily, no need for scrubbing unlike other masks yay!! After the mask, I applied the serum for immediate hydration. Most tend to leave out this step, which leaves the skin very dry.
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The serum is very light and absorbs easily into the skin, great for everyday use! It smells a bit citrusy which is nice. If you want to have and maintain healthy, glowing skin it’s not enough to only use a moisturizer because it just doesn’t have the ingredients inside to tackle your skin problems, unlike a serum! Serums come in a variety of formulas, packed with the ingredients needed to tackle specific skin problems. They are also more easily absorbed into your skin than moisturizer. You shouldn’t miss this step in your skin care routine!

The best part about this serum is that it tackles all five of the common annoying skin problems in your twenties! Sometimes we get so busy and stressed and don’t have time to take proper care of ourselves or get enough sleep and it shows in our skin. It becomes so dull and you end up looking so tired…. But the Origins serum contains Persian Silk Tree that helps skin rebound and Willowherb that restores glow to combat stress and dull skin. Other than combating stress and dullness it is also good for dealing with roughness as it has Chestnut Seed Extract to make my skin smooth! And it has algae that makes my pores appear to vanish.

Just one product to fight all of those problems, so you save time too! Which is great for girls in school or those embarking on a new job to help avoid the problems of quarter life skin. No more flawed skin!


Apply it to the 4 main areas of the face as shown above and you are done!


Say hello to beautiful fresh young skin ❤

You can have it too! Follow this link to get samples at the Origins Facebook page: !

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