Tokyo Photo Diary


City lights contrasted against sublime nature, rich imagery and history.













All these feelings coming back looking at the photos of Osaka. I met great people here. Some brutally honest, some slightly more rude but it was romantic. Romantic in the sense of a movie-like scene of a foreign girl in a foreign country. The experience is really quite unforgettable. Osaka to me was a complete contrast to Kyoto, people were less self-conscious and more rowdy. English is also more commonly spoken here but still really rusty for most. It was a good mix to end the trip off in Osaka where every night was a party. I stayed near dotonburi, opposite the notorious Namba district. Namba is known to be a thriving sex district in Osaka, where love hotels are commonly spotted. Nothing eeky or anything, the place is actually really pleasant! Just ordinary Japanese people walking about. Sex in Osaka or Japan is special! it is treated as another aspect of life totally removed from the taboo commonly found in other parts of Asia. So interesting right? That it’s so integrated into their lives and its so normal. About the night life, it’s amazeballs but really pricey. I spent about 2,100 yen on entry, and no re-entry included. 😦 Popular clubs close really early (1am) but really packs a punch. I went giraffe located along the dotonburi river and it was so packed! Heard that the crowds are pretty standard every single day of the week. Argh… i miss japan
















A small town located on the outskirts of Kyoto, Arashiyama is a real tourist hot spot. The bamboo forest was the main reason why I wanted to visit the place, as it seems so majestic in photos. But… it was quite a let down though, kinda felt like macritchie replaced with bamboos. Besides that, the town is really beautiful and lucky us the weather was perfect! The town has this “old kyoto” feeling, which I love. There are also so many other activities in town besides visiting the forest. The little stalls along the road offer really good food as well! There is also a monkey forest, but we didn’t visit that. It’s hard to put into words but the place was really breathtaking. Kinda felt like I was in an old school manga? The town is also famous for its beancurd, where most meals are prepared with soya beans. I also heard that the town is really nice to visit at night, for a more chill escape away from the city. Despite all the tourist on the street, the feeling of irritation doesn’t come to you. I guess it’s just the atmosphere of the town, where everything is slow and tied in with their surroundings. A fun fact of Kyoto is that everyone cycles, and it’s a great way to get around town. Bike tours are readily available online but sad to say I didn’t get to go on one… But it’s a real must try when in Kyoto.