Nicky’s Bday

IMG_2015-10-15 15:17:19

IMG_2015-10-15 15:19:01


IMG_2015-10-15 15:18:55





IMG_2015-10-15 15:17:31

IMG_2015-10-15 15:19:10

happy birthday light of my life, I love you so much Nicole Lian.
Despite how lame u can be at times, your sweetness and sincerity in everything is beyond human capacity.
I’m so lucky to have met you and ever grateful for the times and (mostly yours cause u are so loud) laughter shared, how can I not mention your laughter…. and how you ALWAYS laugh at things that aren’t even that funny?

I love you nicky! ❤ Happy birthday


One thought on “Nicky’s Bday

  1. I’ve been searching high and low for the dress you’re wearing, where is it from!?!!? This is my last resort T-T anyway you keep doing you ok saffron, stunning and all?!?!!!

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