Face of BrowHaus 2015


Hey guys! I’ve great news….. as you can infer in the title, I’m the new face of Browhaus! *squeals* this came really unexpectedly and I’m so lucky to have gotten this opportunity.

In line with winning the contest, I got interviewed by Shentonista (http://www.shentonista.sg/2015/08/browhaus-x-shentonista-browhunt-girl-on.html) you can view more of the photos there 🙂


Read about my interview with them here!

1. What is the craziest/adventurous makeup look you have ever tried?
I’m actually quite boring! (laughs) I guess it would have to be black, smoky eyes. You know Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl? She had this whole racoon-eye thing, and I wanted to try it. My mum did it for me; my uncle’s a makeup artist in Hong Kong. I wore it for a night out with friends.

2. What’s the silliest/most outrageous thing you’ve done for beauty?
One time I over-plucked my brows and they became really thin — it was so gross. I went to thread my brows at some Indian place and it cost me just $5, but they only had this standard stencil for everyone’s brows and it was very bad.



3. How do you find ways to match your makeup to your look?
My wardrobe is quite monochromatic, but I like bright makeup, like a bold lip. I’m quite into wet eyeshadows but I haven’t tried that look yet. I always look at beauty advertisements or references, especially from high-fashion brands. (Do you think you’re more adventurous because your uncle’s a makeup artist?) I think it’s because I feel that makeup is very empowering. You can look like a different person every day, and it makes you feel so much better and it’s so fun. I used to draw when I was younger, but I stopped, and now makeup is kind of like painting my face.


4. How have your look and brow shape evolved over the years?
I’ve tried the straight brow look, but it doesn’t work for me. My face is structured, so when I draw a straight brow my face looks very flat. I’ve also tried dyeing my brows a very light brown, so I looked like I had no brows for awhile. I bleached my brows, I don’t know why I did it; my hair was so dark. I looked kind of alien-y. It was not bad lah, I had to draw my brows every day, but I was 15, still in secondary school and I didn’t really care. (You were so adventurous from such a young age?) Yeah I like makeup, I started applying it when I was 13.


I’m wearing Top from Finders Keepers, Shoes from Topshop, Rings from The Haute Pursuit.
Make up: the Browhaus Bi-Liner in Grey, HD Mascara, and Classic Brow Lead.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity and cant wait for more things coming up xx


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