Life with Samsung S6




As you all may know, I had the pleasure to work with Samsung on the new Galaxy S6. Despite being sponsored, my opinions are heartfelt and I adore this phone!

Let me start by giving you a brief introduction to the phone, the S6 has a great camera feature such as pro mode, and low aperture that allows you to capture the best pictures in low or normal lighting! It’s probably one of my favorite features. Besides that, all new Samsung phones are equipped with turbo charging where 45min is all that it takes for the phone to be 75% charged. I’m not really a tech geek so I don’t know much about the specifics on the software, however I must say that it is really functional and highly adaptive since can be customized around your preference.

You must be wondering more right? Let me take you through the top 5 features after 1 month with the S6.

The Pro Mode Function

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 19.34.29

It allows you to adjust your settings just like a DSLR, how cool! No longer do I have to carry my crazy heavy camera around. It allows you to adjust the white balance, aperture and ISO just like a DSLR! Even if you aren’t that particular about your pictures, the auto mode is great for snapping everyday pictures as it adjusts to the surroundings perfectly.

2. The Battery Life


No pictures for this, but the battery life on this is insane! Leaving the house with 80% could last me the entire day in school. (this is based on how much I use my phone of course) Considering that I use my phone for about 2 hours in a 6 hour day, the phone rarely dies on me. But just in case, I bring my charger out! Also, S6 has the function of ultra power saving mode. It maximizes your battery life by limiting you to a choice of 6 apps and changing the display to monochrome. For example, 15% which could last you an hour on normal mode can last you up to 5 hours on the Ultra Power Saving mode!

3. The Aesthetics

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 19.33.15Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 19.32.23

I’m a sucker for pretty things and the edge is honestly one of the prettiest phones ever. I love the reflective body of the edge, which allows it to appear holographic at different angles! *squeals* I’ll just let the pictures do the talking

4. Quick Launch Camera


Okay.. I know this is about the camera as well but I’m sorry, it’s really one of the main points that I take into consideration when I buy a phone! The quick launch camera enables you to “launch” the camera in just two quick presses on the home button. Doesn’t sound like much, but it really adds to the functionality of the phone. Personally for me, it’s great when you wanna capture “the moment” kind of pics! “The moment” passes you by in a blink of a second if you aren’t fast enough, so it’s great when you aren’t denied of a brilliant capture since your phone reacts fast enough

Hopefully you guys feel the same way as I do! Thank you for reading xx