Nijo Castle and also sad rant









This is Nijo Castle. Day 2 of my Japan trip, and I was in absolutely in awe with this place. It’s just breathtaking. Honestly, it’s quite hard to explain how I felt when I saw the castle. The glistening of the gold and the snow (so lucky) just added to the total experience. You don’t really need to know much about the castle to appreciate the grandeur. While at the Castle, I was lucky enough to make 2 new friends! One of them being from Singapore (how coincidental), while the other from Australia. Both traveling alone in Japan. I would love to experience that one day… Thinking about it, it would be nice to just run away and live in solitude for awhile. Seeking solace in the inanimate things around you or the new people you meet. Which reminds me of a funny story! While in Japan, I told every Japanese person I met (mostly dudes that tried to hit on me. Don’t take it wrongly though I spoke to many girls as well) that I was a lawyer and spoke 5 languages. I don’t know why I chose to be a lawyer and supreme linguist… but I enjoyed the looks of flabbergast. 🙂 Due to the language barrier, they didn’t really second guessed me. Conversely, it could have been due to the language barrier that made them unable to rebut my claims. Haha, it was so fun being a different person, escaping whatever pre-determined notions of yourself. Well.. but I’m back in Singapore writing this right now, thinking about the shit I have to do and the shit that cascade down upon me. This weight. The unbearable weight of reality. You know what I say to that? Fuck you. I don’t want realism, I want magic. Traveling and meeting new people is the ultimate escape.


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