Dear Diary (This is for Dan)









I don’t know if any of y’all still read this, but I’ll try my best to write everything I’ve experienced in Japan. Similar to last year, I spent 10 days in Japan- 5 days in kyoto and 5 days in Osaka. The first 5 days were spent in Kyoto, and I was so glad to be back. I love kyoto, like honest to god. It’s really a walking history book. It’s so rich, filled with shrines, temples and everything related to Japanese culture. On the contrary, the town goes to sleep at 8pm. So the night life isn’t very “happening”. The pictures were taken just an alley away from my house. To me, that’s amazing knowing you can be so close to such heritage. A personal tip is make friends with the locals. They told me all about where to eat, sight see and er.. club. Hahah. FYI, I’m trying to avoid writing “haha” in my blog post, seems rather stupid. Yes or no? I’ve so many pictures to upload here and I’m so excited to blog about it! I actually tried to vlog about my experience but my gopro died (so it’ll be pretty short.)


Behind the scenes of my Luxola Holiday Shoot

The final product of the long shoot I had with Luxola few weeks ago. The story of how it all came about was really a special one. Late hours into the night, I received a Facebook message from Paul- who heads the creative department of Luxola, wondering if I would be interested in working on a holiday themed video for them. And of course I jumped on board, I literally squealed with delight knowing that such a big break had hit me. I was on a new level of euphoria knowing that I was able to work with such a big brand that I adored. I really have to thank V, who follows me on instagram for suggesting me to paul and starting the whole thing! Instagram is really taking me places…

So, it all began in a far off location aka the Luxola’s office where the shoot began. So much confetti and “snow” was involved, it was a winter wonderland in all senses possible. (Ignoring the fact it was 40degrees in the studio and we live in Singapore)




This was the first look of the shoot, where the make up was light and girly. I think this in particular was my favorite especially when it was paired with the trench coat. It was so glamourous, felt like a 6th avenue diva walking my poodles. This was followed by the classic red lips, super christmas!




After many selflies later… we got to work. I was in a sequin dress from topshop which I coincidentally tried on Topshop!




And finally… the santarina outfit which my boyfriend ADORED. We all kinda know why. It was actually mean girls inspired if y’all remember the jingle bell rock scene. ❤



We ended the day with dominos pizza, it was a great experience! And I wanna thank everyone involved.

Make up by: Marie Soh
Video: Jasmine
Stylist: Paul