How to style purple lips









Purple lips are banging on trend but always appear a little to loud for everyday wear, thus this is my take making purple lips wearable everyday! I paired my lips with a classic black dress and heels, despite the sweet ensemble the purple lips spices the outfit up. The simple pieces compliment one another so as to gravitate attention to one key component of the outfit i.e the lips.

Fashion is confusing, you want attention on the lips but you don’t want too much. What in the world? Thus before you style any outfit make a decision on the key feature! In this case, it would be my lips thus avoiding bright/bold colours would avoid looking too made up or looking like a x’ams tree. Purple is quite a daunting colour, so I avoid any bold accessories and paired it with a simple dangling earrings. Hues such as gold compliment purple perfectly! Kinda wished I was wearing my gold chained necklace now… Speaking about colours, they are completely essential is setting the mood for the outfit. Purple is the star and complimenting it would only serve to enhance the look, you don’t want colours to clash. For example, pairing purple with a bold pink would be yikes! I wanted to go for something more sophisticated, so a little black dress was the perfect match complimenting the purple perfectly. But it can be a little boring, so I picked a more structured silhouette. Whatever you wear should be a reflection of your own style, so be as creative you want with the purple lip trend! I hoped I’ve achieved making the purple lip a little less daunting. ❤

Dress: Klarra
Heels: Zara
Earings: Tokyo
Lips: NARS in Volga


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