How to style purple lips









Purple lips are banging on trend but always appear a little to loud for everyday wear, thus this is my take making purple lips wearable everyday! I paired my lips with a classic black dress and heels, despite the sweet ensemble the purple lips spices the outfit up. The simple pieces compliment one another so as to gravitate attention to one key component of the outfit i.e the lips.

Fashion is confusing, you want attention on the lips but you don’t want too much. What in the world? Thus before you style any outfit make a decision on the key feature! In this case, it would be my lips thus avoiding bright/bold colours would avoid looking too made up or looking like a x’ams tree. Purple is quite a daunting colour, so I avoid any bold accessories and paired it with a simple dangling earrings. Hues such as gold compliment purple perfectly! Kinda wished I was wearing my gold chained necklace now… Speaking about colours, they are completely essential is setting the mood for the outfit. Purple is the star and complimenting it would only serve to enhance the look, you don’t want colours to clash. For example, pairing purple with a bold pink would be yikes! I wanted to go for something more sophisticated, so a little black dress was the perfect match complimenting the purple perfectly. But it can be a little boring, so I picked a more structured silhouette. Whatever you wear should be a reflection of your own style, so be as creative you want with the purple lip trend! I hoped I’ve achieved making the purple lip a little less daunting. ❤

Dress: Klarra
Heels: Zara
Earings: Tokyo
Lips: NARS in Volga


Sultry Matte Make Up Tutorial For Night



Hey guys! This will be my first ever make up tutorial so forgive me if I miss out anything. However, if u do have any questions at the end of the tutorial please feel free to comment below.

So lets begin! I wore this look for my friend’s birthday party, so it’s a great party look perfect for a night out and events. Anyway, since I don’t really like to wear very thick make up, I thought I should share my experience with you guys on how to create this subtle yet sultry make up look.

Step 1. Prepare your face with a primer


Here I’m using Shu Uemura’s Tsuya skin Shupette collection. It comes in a mousse form so be careful with the amount you spray out, I made a mistake of spraying too much and wasted quite a bit… Just apply the base over your face, melting the product into your skin in a circular motion. The primer has UV protection and gives your skin a nice shine after application! Always handy when you are too lazy to apply sunblock on your skin.

Step 2. BB cream and concealer


Both products above I got from Korea! The laneige bb cream compact can be easily found in Singapore but it’s pretty pricey in Singapore, costing about $50. (Snagged this beauty for $30 in Korea) So a good alternative would be the innisfree bb cream compact, I usually switched between the two since the difference between the two is very little. The concealer on the other hand is unavailable in Singapore 😦 it’s from atrium! I know it’s beside the point to mention that it’s super amazing since most of us can’t buy it BUT IT’S THE BEST CONCEALER I’VE EVER USED! It’s really creamy and covers my under eyes really well. If ya’ll have any good concealers to recommend comment below k?

Step 3. Brows


I’ve given a step by step brow tutorial in my Silky Girl review which u can find here

Step 4. Eyeshadow Primer


I’m using urban decay eyeshadow primer in original

Step 5. Eyeshadow


Apply limit from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Platte all over your lids with a flat bush with a patting motion to transfer the most amount of product onto your lids. After doing so, use a fluffy brush to soften the edges.


The fluffy brush I’m using is from Stilla. It isn’t that great since it feels poky on my eyelids but it gets the job done.


Afterwards, I apply a darker shade from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Platte in nooner on the outer corner of the eyes with the opposite end of the urban decay brush (Idk what it’s called but it’s provided in the kit! Just use the fluffier side. Sorry 😦 ) And blend with a fluffy brush!

Step 6. Gold Liner


I applied NYX jumbo eyeliner in Rose Gold in the inner corners of my eyes and blended it inwards. I applied liberal amounts (don’t by shy about it, just apply, apply, apply!) if not the liner wouldn’t show. The gold really helps to open up the eyes and lighten the overall look.

Step 7. Mascara


It’s Lancome’s Doll Eyes! Curl then apply the mascara.

Step 8. Contour


I love bronzer, it goes with everything! ❤ I'm using a matt bronzer from Terracotta 4 seasons in 02 brunettes. I just apply it as how you would apply as a blusher, not just focusing under the cheekbones. Personally, I think this allows a more natural application and blends better into the skin. I applied the bronzer with eco tools blush brush.

Step 9. Blush


It’s a pretty peachy rue from shu uemura’s shupette collection in orange. It has a nice shimmery glow to the skin and compliments warmer skin tones. The end result after bronzer and blusher should look something like this:


Step 10. Lips


Since my eyes has most of the drama, I didn’t want so much attention to be drawn on my lip. The basic rule is that there should only be one point of focus on the face, either lips or eyes. Thus, it was only natural to pick this shade of pink by chanel in 43 la favorite. I rarely use nude lipsticks since it makes me look very tired, also giving me very ghostly. Thus, I usually pick shades of pink which are closer to my natural lip color. To apply, I dap amounts of my lipstick on my lips and proceed to smudge it across my lips. This gives an appearance of a stained lip rather than wearing lipstick.

And we’re done! ❤

You should end up with something like this, but do feel free to mix it up whenever you feel appropriate. Make up should be specific to you and your taste.

I hoped you like this tutorial and had fun trying out the look. ❤

New hair

_hair-1 _hair-2 _hair-3 _hair-4 _hair-5 _hair-6 _hair-7 _hair-8 _hair-9 _hair-10 _hair-11

After 17 years, I finally dyed my hair! And it’s all thanks to BLACK HAIR SALON! I’m really stoked on how it turned out, the service was impeccable and the staff is super friendly. I really couldn’t ask for more. I opted for something similar to Khloe Kardashian’s blonde ombre look, but it being my first time I didn’t want anything to bright… and chose something more natural and in line with my hair color.

If ya’ll know me, I’m really picky when it comes to my hair. I can’t stand it when hairstylist don’t listen to you and just do whatever they want, ending up cutting terrible layers?! Or when they barely make a difference to your hair. Since my hair is really straight, I need definite layers to give it more volume but nothing so drastic till it looks super choppy. And the one thing I really commend to Black Salon is their ability to listen to their customer! It’s almost telepathic. Anthony who was my hairstylist for the day, listen intently to my request and picked the right shade for me. I was honestly pretty afraid that it might turn out terrible but he reassured me with the final result. The bleaching and dyeing was also an extremely smooth process taking less than 2 hours in total? But since my hair base color is blonde, it was much faster for me. Also, it is almost impossible to feel uncomfortable in the salon, pretty much all the hairstylist will engage with you in conversation. (This is based on my first impression) Black Salon really ensures the highest standards for their customers. I really really really enjoyed my experience at Black Salon where they made me feel at home upon my first visit. Honestly speaking, I would go back and pay for their service, it really took my breath away. I was pretty lost for words when I was about to leave since it was free, I felt compelled to do something in return. I know some of you reading this must be thinking, “walao eh, where got so good? Confirm over exaggerating.” Taking the less than optimistic approach, I wouldn’t fault you since it’s only natural! But I swear to you, it’s really that good! Trust me on this one. I wasn’t aware of how popular the salon is when one of the hairstylist joked that the queue on weekends is comparable to llaollao! See, I don’t lie.

They also have an on going promotion (yay!):
u can get 10% off,
and subsequently 20% off within a single receipt.
From: 1st to 30th November

Remember to check them out on insta, @blackhairsalon ❤

black hair salon logo

Black Hair Salon is located at The Bencoolen (Bugis MRT station)

Address: 180 Bencoolen Street #01-28 Singapore 189646
Contact: 6242 3945 / 6835 9976