I adore Clarisonic and heard so much about it’s products, aims to brighten your skin through deep cleansing. Thus, I’m so honoured to have received such an abundant care package from them.


Here are the list of products:

1. Clarisonic Plus

2. Deep Pore Clay Mask

3. Deep Pore Daily Cleanser

4. Deep Pore Bush

5. Luxe Head Brushes

6. Standard Body Brush

Number 3, 4 and 5 come in a set and is for deep pore cleansing.

While I’m blessed to have clear skin, I experience quite severe under eye darkness and black heads. And after using Clarisonic for the past few weeks, it has really helped in brightening my skin tone and removing my black heads. I used to look very tired and dread washing my face after a long day. I know, it’s gross but don’t judge 😦 But now washing my face is a totally revitalising experience. It calms my nerves and makes washing your face such a easy experience. Clarisonic brushes are gentle enough to be used twice a day with the standard sensitive skin brush


as well as the luxe brush


For the luxe brushes it sprinkles quite a bit when it gets wet so prefer just to wet the brush only instead of wetting both my face and the brush. I opted for the smaller luxe brush as it is able to reach into the nooks and crannies of my face such as the under or side of my nose or along the eye area.

The best thing about Clarisonic is that it lathers your facial wash making the experience super luxurious and well.. just fun! Here are some pictures of my daily Clarisonic routine






As you can see, I thoroughly enjoy my face wash routine. Given that I’m able to adjust the speed of the brush also caters better to the different times of the day. For example, in the morning i’ll opt for the gentlest speed for basic cleansing of the face while before bed i’ll increase the speed to 2 where it gives a more thorough wash. Furthermore, the beeping of the brush guides you while you wash your face- 20s for the forehead, 20s for the nose and chin and 10s each for each cheek

_clarisonic -0209

The lights along the handle indicate the speed

Here is my face before using Clarisonic:


And after:



It looks super white right cause all dem evil dead skin is gone!!!!!!!! Exfoliating is really important in maintaining great skin, since all the accumulated dirt mixes with oil that your skin produces… yuck so yeah pls exfoliate guys.

But… the best part of the care package is the deep pore set I received! Finally i can get rid of those pest on my noes… DEEP PORE SET TO THE RESCUE


The deep pore brush is included in the kit. For me it really helps in scrubbing the dirt off my nose yet remaining really gentle on the skin. The brush is denser but still soft to touch and specifically target those BLACK HEADS.

The first step is to use the deep pore cleanser, followed by applying the clay mask.



The mask immediately leaves a minty sensation on your skin as if you can feel the mask penetrating your skin! I really enjoyed that, knowing that it is working so fast. It has a tightening effect on the skin which forces the pores to reduce in size. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and realise the decrease in pore size and also the number of opened pores on my skin. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

Before clay mask:

photo (1)


And after:



P.s. remember to apply toner and moisturiser after! A higher oil content for night time and a higher water content for the day. The higher oil content is better during the night as your skin is recuperating while for the day your skin releases more oil so if you were to use an oiler moisturiser it will cause your skin to break out. Hope you guys enjoyed the post!

Also, Clarisonic Sg will be giving away 4 sets of Deep Pore Replenishment Kit:)

Simply answer one out of two questions and fill up your details here!

Good Luck! ❤


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