Subway BOGO day that is… Buy one get one free day






Great news! My fav diet joint is having a buy one get one free day on the 10th of October from 9am to 9pm, its the only time of the year where u can get a second sub free when u purchase a 6inch sub (this is applicable to any sub). Okay la… personally eating 2 subs at one go is really A LOT. So this year, the free sub will come in a Say It With A Sub bag.

Personally, I think it’s really adorable with quirky catch phrases like “Want to break up with your girlfriend but don’t know how to tell her? Give her your free sub in a “Will You Be My Ex?” bag. Want to leave work early but too afraid to ask your boss? Give him your free sub in a “Can I Leave at 4pm Today?” bag. Great when placed in really an awkward situation you wanna get out off.

The bags are limited edition, and are done by some of the world’s best artists such Tom Whalen, So Youn Lee, and Chino Rino. So you better get your hands on them as soon as you can! Here is a photo with me and the Subway bag!


Look at the cute design of the bag? I don’t think I would ever need to have a use for this bag unless my boyfriend or someone close to me really makes me angry and I feel like I really need to have a talk with them! But nonetheless, even if I don’t use it to give it to anyone, I can keep it for myself as a collection because it’s just too cute!

These are some examples of the other Say It With A Sub bags!


These bags are limited edition, so if you want another design, and want to do some charity at the same time, here’s a way! Head over to Subway Singapore’s Facebook page ( for a link to an online charity auction!
You can bid for any of the signed artwork by these artists from now till 17 October.
All proceeds will go to the Business Times Budding Artist Fund (, a charity which supports The Little Arts Academy’s arts training programmes for children and youth from financially-disadvantaged backgrounds. Isn’t it such a good cause?


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