LG G3 Review

_DSC3952 _DSC4012 _DSC3807 There are a number of key features that LG is touting as new and improved this year with the G3, but none sticks out as prominently as the QHD screen. Some might think that this is four times the pixel count of an HD screen, and you’d be right to a degree. But only if you’re talking about 720p screens ā€“ if you’re comparing the G3 to something like the Galaxy S5, that packs in two million pixels to the G3’s 3.6 million. The Quad HD display, that’s a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels with a 538 pip, is the star of the show here and it really is gorgeous, flawless actually. Ok, in english that means it’s really really REALLY clear! In addition to the high resolution, the colors look quite natural without being overly bright or too vibrant. You will also find that LG was able to maximize the display size with minimal bezels all around. I am so pleased they did a great job with this on the G2 and now ever better on the G3!
_DSC3753 Which means high quality HD videos! It is really comparable to watching it on TV, feeding my youtube addiction. One feature of the LG G3 is the self timer; it seamlessly detects your hand and by forming a fist sets off the timer and takes the picture. So handy when you’re trying to fit a large group into one screen and no one is able to reach the button to take the picture?!
_DSC3965 _DSC3975 _DSC3977 Also, with multiple camera modes (panorama, magic focus, dual) its really adjustable to any setting. Currently, my favorite function is the Magic Focus where is it able to focus directly on an object mirroring that of a professional camera. Which is great for taking close ups on food! YUMMY _DSC3992 _DSC3943
You will find an indicator light above the display to the left near the front facing camera. LG actually uses the display to help light up the scene when taking selfless in low light, which I think is a great solution to poor lighting on selflies. Which comes in handy during late nights, I also love how it has an integrated beautifying function on the G3 where it makes your complexion look pristine, even without makeup šŸ˜‰
The Knock Code allows you to secure your device and unlock it through a three to eight point pattern. Double-tap to wake is also supported on the G3. They have a helpful Smart Notice feature that comes in the form of a widget that provides the weather, time, date, and some personalized recommendations and reminders. It gives you things such as weather forecasts in conversational language. For example, it might say something like “You may want to wear a light jacket as it cools down this evening.”

Lg g3 health
There is also a new home screen panel called LG Health. It is actually a dedicated homescreen panel that you can enable in the panel management utility. LG Health is designed to track and manage your daily activity with selected exercise options of walking, running, cycling, hiking, and inline skating. Which is probably my favorite function of the phone! It tracks the amount of calories u burn throughout the day, and even has a set target which goes according to your weight! I no longer feel guilty snacking on my sweet treats knowing that i’ve burnt it off. Finally, a big THANK YOU to SingTel for providing me this phone! As well as Raphael (@_vrches) for the pictures.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 1.33.28 am
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