The Best Cardio

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I feel you girls. Cardio is hard. Running isn’t empowering, it brings u close to death, your butt aches, your calves get sore. But no regime is complete without cardio. Cardio is essential to shed fat, leaning your body out and gives u the definition u want. Cardio is also necessary in becoming a healthier person overall. It increases blood flow, rejuvenates your body and prevents water retention. But… the trouble is what if u don’t like running?

As you guys are aware, there are two types of cardio- LISS and HIIT. Both are extremely different but aids in weight loss tremendously, it also ensures a steady pace in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Firstly, LISS stands for low intensity steady state such as walking. Walking is a low intensity exercise at which you stay at the same pace for the whole time. LISS therefore is any moderate or long duration cardiovascular exercise that maintains the same intensity throughout. LISS is recommended as it involves the most fat burning during the workout, as fat gets oxygenated it breaks down and tadah! Gone! However, it takes a long time and doesn’t increase your metabolism.

Secondly, HIIT stands for high intensity interval training that is “circuit” training. “Circuit” training encompasses a “rest” and “work” period. Thus, it will involve a series of fast pace cardio vascular exercises back to back for a selected time period. Mostly involving routines such as high knees, jump squats, sprinting and anything that makes your heart race. The benefit of HIIT is that it ensures fat burning even after your workout. Thus it is one of the most effective ways of shedding fat. Furthermore, as proven by research, HIIT increases your metabolic rate meaning u burn more in a shorter amount of time. HIIT increases mitochondrial capacity and you actually increase the amount of mitochondria you produce. Studies show that you get greater fat loss through high intensity training because of the increase in oxidative capacity. blah blah blah it just means weight lost!

but… HIIT is extremely taxing on your body thus I recommend to combine both HIIT and LISS for the best cardio in any workout. Here are the following reasons why:
You can’t do HIIT 5-6 days a week because eventually it will have a negative impact on your weight training and interfere with growth
Many people have legitimate orthopedic, cardiac, and even psychological reasons to avoid HIIT, so LISS is their only option
HIIT could be dangerous if not used right and could lead to injury
HIIT and LISS on either a combined, cyclical, or rotational basis seems to be the best formula in my opinion

So lets get started! This is a 15min HIIT workout that u can incorporate into any regime u have. Your time on the treadmill can be replaced doing this. There is only 1 circuit. One round would be 7min long, with a 30s rest. Meaning that you’ll do this for 7min straight
1. Burpess 10reps



2. Squat Jumps 20reps


3. Tricep dips 15reps


4. Split lunge jumps 16reps



Land on your alternate leg. For example if u start off with the right lend with the left.

5. Scissor kicks 1min in total


Hopefully this helps! ❤


My daily makeup routine with the help of SilkyGirl!

I always try to keep my make up very minimal with the basics such as bb cream, mascara and a good strong lip color. For me it’s all about enhancing your features instead of caking on the make up.

So lets begin!

1. I start off with a light bb cream base


I apply my bb cream in 4 areas of my face- Forehead, Cheeks, Nose and Chin

For larger areas such as forehead and cheeks, I apply with three dots. For me, this is to prevent over application giving that healthy radiant glow. ☺ The SilkyGirl Magic bb water gel in 02 radiant was the perfect fit for me, since its provides a good amount of coverage but isn’t thick… It is also extremely hydrating and feels extremely lightweight! The formula is mostly water based, allowing your skin to breathe and prevents breakouts. A tip that I commonly tell my friends is to use products that are oil free so as to prevent clogging of the pores. I would recommend this if u have sensitive and acne prone skin.


2. Draw those brows


I cannot emphasize how important your brows are? They frame your face, and highlight your eyes, bring out your features, and the list goes on… Thus it is necessary that u invest in a good brow pencil. Something that applies easily but doesn’t give bushy brows… ew! The Hi-Definition Brow Liner in 02 Dark Brown behaves like a crayon, so it’s gentle but gives me the right amount of attention I need for my brows. ❤ By following the arches of the natural brow, u can make sure that u won’t apply too much.


Also make sure u thread your brows. I tend to be quite weary when I go threading so I usually only thread on the ends of my brows, removing the stray hairs.

3. Apply mascara


Mascara for me is the perfect pick me up when I look too tired or feel too lazy. For me, it is absolutely essential to have both volume and length in every mascara purchase. Having long lashes is so important, not only is it sexy but makes you look so much more awake! With the SilkyGirl Big Eye Serum Waterproof Mascara, the application is fuss free. It helps me attain the lashes that I want with minimum effort. A tip I usually do is to remove the excess mascara on the wand before application to prevent clumpy lashes and create more definition rather than a large mess. Make sure to apply the mascara at the corners of the eyes to give an illusion of a winged tip.

4. Eyeliner


For those fun nights out, I apply a thick coating of eyeliner. I usually go for a cat eye look- *meow* a sexy, alluring look. For a good application, follow the natural creases of your eye. A good habit is to give a slight pull on the corners of your eyes for smooth application. The hard part about achieving the cat eye is the winged tip.


This is the rough guide I follow, hope it helps! It’s ok to skip step 3 and move straight into filling your winged-tip. The eyeliner that I used in that picture was the perfect stay 20hr eyeliner by SilkyGirl. Most brands on the market usually claim to be long lasting, but usually smudge in a couple of hours due to the hot climate here in Singapore. Thus I was surprise when the SilkyGirl eyeliner was able to last throughout the night especially since it has a creamy texture, I thought it would be more prone to smudges (due to previous eyeliner scares with MAC).



5. Finally some LIP ATTENTION



I had three colors to play with- 05 in poppy, 03 in ruby and 04 in rose.

It comes in a sophisticated, sleek and retractable packaging. The Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm, let me repeat that… LIPCOLOR BALM is so pigmented! I love it! Usually, lipsticks dry my lips out since it lacks a lot of moisture ☹ but the SilkyGirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm is awesome mix of lip balm and lipstick. It gives me the strong lip color I love but doesn’t neglect in moisturizing my lips. The three colors also cater to different aspects of my life- work, a casual day out with friends, and a fun night out.


05 in poppy, perfect for the day time since it isn’t too harsh but yet gives me a pop of color! The orange based tones also flatters many skin types, especially tanned skin, like me 🙂


04 in rose! I love this shade of pink, it has slight overtones of nude making it very appropriate for a formal setting. I usually wear this color out if i want a more sophisticated look.


03 in ruby. I cannot live without my red lipstick, so this is ideal for any occasion for me since its just so pretty. It compliments any skin tone, enhances the features of your face and really brings about the alluring side in all of us 😉

Furthermore, I was told that it is fragrance free! Why is that beneficial u might ask? Fragrance is very harmful to your skin, it causes breakout and blemishes to form since the skin has to fight off the chemicals in the fragrance. Especially for sensitive, acne prone skin I recommend to stay away from products that contain fragrance, paraben and carmine.

Application is smooth and easy since it is so lightweight. The creaminess of the lipcolor balm also gives it a very luxurious feel just like applying a lipstick. The lipcolor balm has a retractable packaging aiding in the maintenance of the balm. I like it a lot since I can also lengthen the balm if I want to get more coverage on certain areas but also shorten it to apply hard to reach areas. Vitamins A, C and E are also contained in this balm, which aids to the moisturizing effects of the balm since these vitamins brighten and rejuvenate your lips.

The best of all is that there was no animal testing involved! ❤ saving all those bunnies that are mercilessly killed for our vanity. ❤ So thankful that all these awesomeness only come with a small price tag of $11.90 when other lipsticks with such rich pigments are crazy expensive!

And for all you girls out there, SilkyGirl is giving out a hamper worth $100 on Instagram! All you have to do is to post a picture of your lips on Instagram and hashtag #boostofcolor to join! The 3 winners will be announced via @Gushcloud_SGInstagram on the 7th Sept so in the mean time, kiss away ❤

LG G3 Review

_DSC3952 _DSC4012 _DSC3807 There are a number of key features that LG is touting as new and improved this year with the G3, but none sticks out as prominently as the QHD screen. Some might think that this is four times the pixel count of an HD screen, and you’d be right to a degree. But only if you’re talking about 720p screens – if you’re comparing the G3 to something like the Galaxy S5, that packs in two million pixels to the G3’s 3.6 million. The Quad HD display, that’s a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels with a 538 pip, is the star of the show here and it really is gorgeous, flawless actually. Ok, in english that means it’s really really REALLY clear! In addition to the high resolution, the colors look quite natural without being overly bright or too vibrant. You will also find that LG was able to maximize the display size with minimal bezels all around. I am so pleased they did a great job with this on the G2 and now ever better on the G3!
_DSC3753 Which means high quality HD videos! It is really comparable to watching it on TV, feeding my youtube addiction. One feature of the LG G3 is the self timer; it seamlessly detects your hand and by forming a fist sets off the timer and takes the picture. So handy when you’re trying to fit a large group into one screen and no one is able to reach the button to take the picture?!
_DSC3965 _DSC3975 _DSC3977 Also, with multiple camera modes (panorama, magic focus, dual) its really adjustable to any setting. Currently, my favorite function is the Magic Focus where is it able to focus directly on an object mirroring that of a professional camera. Which is great for taking close ups on food! YUMMY _DSC3992 _DSC3943
You will find an indicator light above the display to the left near the front facing camera. LG actually uses the display to help light up the scene when taking selfless in low light, which I think is a great solution to poor lighting on selflies. Which comes in handy during late nights, I also love how it has an integrated beautifying function on the G3 where it makes your complexion look pristine, even without makeup 😉
The Knock Code allows you to secure your device and unlock it through a three to eight point pattern. Double-tap to wake is also supported on the G3. They have a helpful Smart Notice feature that comes in the form of a widget that provides the weather, time, date, and some personalized recommendations and reminders. It gives you things such as weather forecasts in conversational language. For example, it might say something like “You may want to wear a light jacket as it cools down this evening.”

Lg g3 health
There is also a new home screen panel called LG Health. It is actually a dedicated homescreen panel that you can enable in the panel management utility. LG Health is designed to track and manage your daily activity with selected exercise options of walking, running, cycling, hiking, and inline skating. Which is probably my favorite function of the phone! It tracks the amount of calories u burn throughout the day, and even has a set target which goes according to your weight! I no longer feel guilty snacking on my sweet treats knowing that i’ve burnt it off. Finally, a big THANK YOU to SingTel for providing me this phone! As well as Raphael (@_vrches) for the pictures.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 1.33.28 am
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