Today I’ll be writing about something that is very dear and personal to me…


Singaporeans, working adults, and students my age, often neglect the thought of offering their services to the poor, insignificant and needy. We just lie adrift in our daily mayhem of school, work, and troubles to pay a slight second to the less fortunate. The fact that Singapore is so well developed and most necessities are provided by the govt. or attained in one way or another really negates the significance of volunteering. It is also blatantly goes unnoticed how the poor suffers in Singapore, the lack of media coverage, how they stay hidden away in the corners of society. I also fall short when I bicker about the stress I’m experience and the common “I’m broke” complaint.

Furthermore, I have grown a close compassion and certain tenderness towards a particular group in our community, that being the elderly. Since I could remember, I’ve a very close relationship with my grandparents, which explains my overwhelming empathy towards the elderly. My grandpa and grandma, despite the language barrier, and I have developed a intimacy that words cannot explain. The daily preparation of ABC soup with fried chicken along side with a large bowl of rice was a daily staple in the Chiu household, with the noise of the TV drowning out the outside world, as I sat on the blue sofa with my food laid out on the make shift table, gorging away.

That aside, I’ve been approached by a particular organization… Mount Elizabeth Hospital; to share about their new charity event to spear awareness about the needy elderlies in Singapore.

The first of its kind in Singapore, Mount Elizabeth Hopital’s ‘Run For Cover’ campaign will see contestants running non-stop on the treadmill for 24 hours.

Every 30 km clocked by each team during this period will translate into free treatment for one needy elderly suffering from cataracts.

The projected 100 cataract surgeries will be fully sponsored by the Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund as part of ‘Life Renewed Project’, the hospital’s corporate social responsibility initiative.

Obviously, you aren’t expected to run 24hrs straight… Don’t know if that’s a bad thing or not, if you get what I mean. 🙂


Race registrations are until 14 May.

Qualifier 1: 17th/18th May
Top 20
fastest teams to complete this 5.5KM time trial will move on to Qualifier 2.

Qualifier 2: 7th June

Top 10 fastest teams to complete this 10KM time trial will move on to the FINAL RACE.



5.5 KM Run


21st June 2pm TO 22nd June 2pm

at Ngee Ann City!

For more information, please kindly email for more information. ❤


  1. Gather 8 people to form a team!
  2. Sign up at this link HERE
  3. Key in the code: RFCsaffron for a discounted registration fee of $15/pax!!!


  • First person to sign up at will receive a free Fitbit,
  • The remaining 7 membersof the first team formed will EACH receive: $20 CapitaLand Vouchers,
  • The whole team of 8 will also receive $50 AIBI Spending Voucher EACH!

Plus, in doing so, a life is saved because of your own good intentions. I think people often forget how tremendous a moment that is, life so easily extinguished is ignited right back ’cause of YOU!!!!!

Don’t think you any more motivation then that?

I really can’t wait, for the event meeting everyone there! I’m guessing I’ll see y’all there?




MEH Run for Cover