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I love taking pictures and since getting an iPhone, it becomes a way of weck easier. Since the iPhone 5 release, a new stream of pictures have emerged with beautiful edits that being filters-which would obviously require fantastic thing photoshop skills if taken with a DSLR.

Thus, let me share with u on how to take great photos on the iPhone.

1. Find a spot with great lighting. Natural sunlight is the best, followed by white led light. I don’t really like taking photos with a yellow hue so no fluorescent lights.

2. If using an iPhone 5, using the filter fade is a quick fix to almost any photo. It brings about a more polished/ hipster look.

3. Focus on the subject of the photograph! Or u can adjust the focus according to the light changes as u press difference points on your screen.

4. Edit your photos. I always adjust my brightness and contrast before adding a filter. The filter will then add a better enhancement to the photograph. The app I always use is Afterlight or faded. I don’t really like VSCOcam as makes my pictures look very 2 dimensional.

5. And…. Upload on Instagram!


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