Lactacyd’s Bold Fantasies


Hey guys!!

Today I’ll be sharing an inside scoop on how… I’m so confident! Okay that came out a bit wrongly, but I’ve good intentions. Being a model, it is very hard to feel secure with constant competition everywhere. Such as prettier and taller girls, some of the the traits that can’t be developed… sadly. Evidently, you can either choose to wallow in your pit of despair or flaunt what u got sista! And for the sake of my own sanity, I have chosen the latter. I choose to believe that everyone of us is a confident sexy lady in their own light, female empowerment guys!

Many approach adventure as something extreme, but honestly everyday is a total challenge… getting to school, waking up in the morning is my equivalent of jumping off a cliff. I wish I had more opportunity to express my individual spirit of awesomeness, hugging a tiger, extreme sports. Life does get in the way of one’s choices! With a hectic school/work schedule it is very hard for almost any lady to spice up their lives with a bit of adventure, taking small steps towards expressing ur inner wonder woman is indeed essential to being the best u can be.

Anyway, besides taking exceptional care of your skin and hair, another vital part of exuding confidence it keeping ur erhmmm… CLEAN AND FRESH. For that particular reason solely, I float like a feather and gracefully prance around. Jokes aside, it does make my day a heck of a lot better.

Firstly, it being a feminine wash it keeps your precious body part very… well… soft and pillow like… er you know the feeling of it when it’s awesomely clean. Its along those lines. Thus, me being such an avid user of Lactacyd’s products, they have offered you guys the opportunity to unleash ur inner wild child through a new app being launched on facebook- it is Lactacyd’s Bold Fantasies. Through the facebook Lactacyd’s Bold Fantasies game, you put yourself in a superhero persona where u will have to jump off a building, wakeboarding- which i really want to try, as well as sky diving! The purpose of u playing the game is of course WINNING PRIZES DUH and free samples if you are interested in trying this FABULOUS product, click here:

these prizes included
1. driving an f1 car
2. para gilding
3. wake boarding
4. flying a plane
5. feeding a shark
6. bungee jumping

Contest has already started and ends at the 10th of May! SOOOOO head on down guys, it’s a serious opportunity I wouldn’t want to miss. After typing this, I’m gonna so play the game hehe



Don’t let your fears stop u, head on down to and win those PRIZES 


Stuff on my iPhone












I love taking pictures and since getting an iPhone, it becomes a way of weck easier. Since the iPhone 5 release, a new stream of pictures have emerged with beautiful edits that being filters-which would obviously require fantastic thing photoshop skills if taken with a DSLR.

Thus, let me share with u on how to take great photos on the iPhone.

1. Find a spot with great lighting. Natural sunlight is the best, followed by white led light. I don’t really like taking photos with a yellow hue so no fluorescent lights.

2. If using an iPhone 5, using the filter fade is a quick fix to almost any photo. It brings about a more polished/ hipster look.

3. Focus on the subject of the photograph! Or u can adjust the focus according to the light changes as u press difference points on your screen.

4. Edit your photos. I always adjust my brightness and contrast before adding a filter. The filter will then add a better enhancement to the photograph. The app I always use is Afterlight or faded. I don’t really like VSCOcam as makes my pictures look very 2 dimensional.

5. And…. Upload on Instagram!