Naumi Hotel says…..






























































A much needed break… before term 2 starts. Or at least just an excuse for me to do nothing. Ahhh such bliss! I’ve never really understood the importance of a “staycation” till JC started. I mean it’s only term 1?! and the amount of work i’m receiving… is fucking crazy. However, i really do enjoy the challenges I’m facing regardless of how inadequate I feel compared to my classmates. Well, I’m counting my blessings to be even given a spot in CJC! So pats on my back for that.

My mum surprised me with a 3D2N stay at any hotel of my choice, but obviously within a manageable price range! The only reason why I picked Naumi is due to the awesome pool. Besides that, everything else is pretty small. The hotel has a very quaint touch to it, with personalized decorative almost everywhere in the hotel. A common print is carried throughout the hotel. They made an effort to have art everywhere in hotel, which i really appreciated :’)

The sunbathing adventure began with Joy, Lorraine and Moky as the initial guest followed by Vans the next day. She now sits opposite me, staring blankly into space and whining about missing Marcus. Most hours were spent either disintegrating into the ratan lounge chairs or the lush queen sized bed. Everything really is more fun with awesome friends by ur side, as cliche as it sounds.

I dont want it to end


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