My Skincare Routine








My everyday skin care routine:

Products I use everyday- Face Shop Rice Water Bright cleansing foam/ Shu Uemura cleansing oil

The fantastic thing about the Shu Uemura cleansing oil is that it also acts as an make up remover. Ur face needs not to be wet went applying the oil. It’s really gentle on the skin as well. I’ve pretty normal skin so I dont recommend it for people with oily/sensitive skin.

This is followed by Face Shop Chai Seed moisturizer

There’s an oil free version as well.

I always apply sunblock before leaving the house keeping my skin super fair. All that brightening/whitening nonsense u see on the market is pure money making bullshit, sunblock is the only thing that will keep ur skin fair and radiant. I use Clarins SPF 40 UV High protection. Another tip is to use a tinted sunscreen/ BB cream with UV protection as a foundation. It would servec a double purpose and help formulate the habit of applying sunscreen.

However, I exfoliate my skin fortnightly with Dermalogica daily microfoliant. It feels like white grains of sand against your skin, so it’s nothing too rough. It leaves my skin brighter and smoother, removing debris and dead skin accumulated during the span of two weeks.

I drink SMT complexion me tea to detox my skin whenever it feels dull or just tired in general, applying any type of mask helps as well! I use most Face Shop packeted masks as well as the O2 hydration mask which is from Face Shop as well. i keep to this regime quite regularly, consider it my “me” time.


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