Japan captured in Film


Nothing much to say here besides the fact that I love capturing memories on film. I’m using Fujifilm Natura on Kodak Gold film, sometimes I switch between a canon SLR but only on rare occasions- since it’s so bulky and manual focus on that camera is way too hard. Friends ask me why I prefer documenting my travels and everyday experiences on film, well my standard reply is it looks so much more awesome. People just say that I’m trying to be hipster or at least I assume them to be. Whatever the case, film is way too underrated. Film provides so much more character- with the grainy resolution and wondrous light leaks, every picture captured is a hallmark of your camera’s creative ability. Furthermore not knowing how your pictures turn out just feeds the excitement of finally holding it in your hands. The tangible aspect makes all the more worth while. I’m no expert in film photography but it’s really fun when u have an automatic camera and various types of film to play around with. My favorite photography blog would be NIC OJAE, most of his pictures are captured in film and I draw tons of inspiration from him. His work is just….. too good. Hopefully I helped combat the digital revolution by defending film, and inspired some of you to pick up a film camera and document your everyday activities! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Japan captured in Film

    1. hey daniel! i got my a few years ago so i forgot… but i think ebay sells them. i choose that particular camera cause it was light and handy and particular love the resolution of the camera! also i didn’t want anything too advance since i sony have much experience with film.

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