My Final Days in Japan

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My final days in Japan… were spent shopping and walking aimlessly around town. I really regretted not planning my days out better so that I would have been able to grasp japanese culture even better. I missed out on trying authentic cuisine while in Tokyo as most places were very westernized. Not saying that the commercial food in Japan isn’t amazing and one of a kind. The flavors were extraordinary as japanese and western cuisine were fused so seamlessly. I just wished I had the opportunity to walk around in the suburbs and actually witness day to day operations of local and actually being one with Japanese culture. I was too focused on shopping… a common mistake by many. But how could I not be? Tokyo is a mecca of fashion and I really couldn’t help myself. Men’s fashion in Tokyo is way superior compared to women’s wear, and I couldn’t bare to look away from the pristine tailoring and distraught denim. I was also in sneaker heaven. Everyone takes so much initiative to look good and I could easily just ogle at the well dressed Japanese.

I had actually planned to visit some local parks and museums while in Tokyo… but missed the opportunity. Don’t worry though! I’ll be back for more in due time


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