A degree holder in less than 2years……?

Hello all! As you guys already know I just completed my O Levels and am awaiting my results, which will be released in two days time… wish me luck! So now that results are almost out, the reality of my future is close at hand and it has got me thinking a lot lately about…’what’s next?’ Of course, in Singapore, education is really important so I’ll definitely be furthering my education.

My choices for furthering my education were always based on my lifestyle, so initially I was set on going to a Polytechnic. During that period of time, I was busy socializing and having too much fun. I assumed that poly was right for me since I love making new friends and being the life of the party. However, I still really wanted to secure good grades. I’m just not disciplined enough to handle work and play as effortlessly as some of my older friends do – the Polytechnic system takes a more holistic and consistent approach when it comes to university admissions.

The natural other choice was Junior College, where the main focus is on your grades, term after term. The environment, as you should know, is similar to secondary school so I would be in my comfort zone. Since I am affiliated to Catholic JC, it was almost status quo for me to further my education there – provided I do well. During the O level period I discovered that studying was actually really enjoyable (yes!), so I thought I had nothing to fear.

So, we have the Poly route and the JC route covered and I thought those were the two options for me. I had never really thought of the Private school route until recently, when my friend, Kalebh, mentioned some of the benefits of it. So he’s in Kaplan currently and I’ve heard quite a number of my seniors being in Kaplan too. What caught my eye was the fact that the programmes in Kaplan allow you to kick-start your career earlier than most of your friends.

It was really surprising to know that I can actually attain a degree in less than 2.5 years time. That would mean I’d be a degree holder before I’m 20?! If I go to Poly, I’d only attain my diploma at 20. If I go to JC, I’d only attain my degree cert when I’m probably around…22/23 years old? That’s 2 years ahead of a lot of people. So some of you may be thinking… “Wait, this sounds really dodgy.”. (Actually…I initially felt that way too HAHA). When in doubt…Google it!

So this was what I found out: How Kaplan allows you to attain a degree in less than 2.5years is cause they have a very condensed syllabus. Basically, if you’re fresh out of secondary school (like me), you can take an 8-month diploma which sends you straight to Year 2 of their university programmes. They offer a wide range of courses, so I’m definitely spoilt for choice. Having two modules for each term of two months, your time is easily managed and you can strive to be the best in your class. 🙂 Achieving all of this in just 8months. Here are some of the diplomas offered: (shall copy and paste for all of you – the kind soul that I am)

• Diploma in Accountancy
• Diploma in Commerce (Business Administration)
• Diploma in Commerce (Finance & Banking)
• Diploma in Commerce (Hospitality & Tourism Management)
• Diploma in Commerce (Human Resource Management)
• Diploma in Commerce (Marketing Management)
• Diploma in Commerce (Sales & Retail Management)
• Diploma in Counselling
• Diploma in Information Technology
• Diploma in Mass Communication
• Professional Diploma in Securities & Investment Management <<<< so many choices………. see i no lie one 

Well, there’s much more information on their website. I wouldn’t want to bore you too much with all the nitty-gritty details. You can check out more here: http://bit.ly/19S70Y4.


Diploma in Mass Communication

If I go to Kaplan, I’ll probably choose this. Have always thought of becoming a journalist, a host or perhaps work at a magazine! Saw that they have modules like Feature Writing, Journalism and Marketing Communication and I guess this would get me one step closer to such job prospects.  My mum is also in the industry (producer) and offered me some advice that starting ur career earlier is much more ideal! WE NEED ALL THE REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE WE CAN GET


On top of that, Kaplan has ties with notable universities such as Birmingham City University, Murdoch University, Northumbria University, Royal Holloway (University of London) and University College Dublin. You guys are probably like ehhh… where are all the prestigious universities like Oxford? I’m being realistic here, I have definitely no chance of getting into RJC or HCI so Oxford is pretty much of out the game. Two of the universities offering communications degrees (glam career here I come!) that caught my eye among the rest were:

Murdoch University

Ranked in the World’s Top 2% of higher education institutions by Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2012/2013
International outlook rated 83.3/100 by Times Higher Education.

Quite a number of people I know are in Murdoch University. It’s based in Perth and I can actually choose to do a semester there!:D There are so many courses here with different variations of double majors so you can really get the ‘best of both worlds’ here. E.g. I could attain a Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations and Management. That’s two totally different majors course but Murdoch allows you to take up both.  

Northumbria University

Their Newcastle Business School is ranked Top 25 Business School in the UK by The Sunday Times University Guide 2013.

What I find really awesome is how their Mass Communication degrees are 100% assignment-based and can be completed in 16 months => bye, bye mugging!!! Northumbria offers direct honours with dual specialisations – what that means is that I can study Mass Comm and Business, and graduate with honours in one degree too! 

Interesting how education is really taking a holistic approach and how it has evolved with the changing times. 

Well, I guess that’s some food-for-thought for all. Come to think of it, the Internet and Twitter are really great inventions (haha). If it wasn’t for it, I wouldn’t have been exposed to more options and I would have just thought my two options were Poly or JC. I only share the best with my readers so hopefully this helped all of you in deciding your next move in furthering your studies as well! 

I wish all my readers all the best if u are about to receive ur O Level results. ❤ 

Anyway here are some pictures of how my O level life went about…. (if this was too wordy for u :()

IMG_7935 IMG_7938 IMG_8108 IMG_7834 IMG_7837 IMG_7705 IMG_7077 IMG_7076 IMG_7072 IMG_7071




12 thoughts on “A degree holder in less than 2years……?

  1. Hey! Thanks for this post it’s informative 🙂 I was just thinking, could you do a post on your diet and fitness stuffs? Like how you watch your diet or what your meals look like on usual school days and weekends, and your exercise regimes! Your really fit and pretty so I was just curious and I’m sure a lot others are too! Have a great week ahead saffron! 🙂

  2. Hello! Your face is looks flawless and I would really like to know your skincare routine! Could you do a post about it??? 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m taking my n levels this year and I really want to go to the pfp programme ( a programme where NA students can go poly after doing their nlvls ) But having to go to this programme i have to be the top 10% of sg and that’s god damn hard. Can you write a post about studying? Or like how to plan and schedule when to study and things that can help students for their national exams, I would really appreciate if you do this 🙂

      1. Like how do you study for your o levels? Do you have a schedule that you follow and what keeps you motivated to study and not be lazy?

  4. Generally, a nice course. Northumbria is a good school in the UK. However, this one lecturer, Mr. Frankie Yee, will be difficult to deal with. He has been there for 10 years, but mostly taught diploma courses. Trying to move into teaching university level, he will talk about his personal life more than the coursework and will seem lost in his own world. He is a nice guy and a good comedian. But I think he should stick with teaching diploma as then the focus is to make students laugh and get them to pass. In my opinion, he lacks depth of focus and attention he must give to students and is not ready to teach university level.

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