Japan Day 5,6&7




























THE WEEKEND WHERE I WENT TO KYOTO! Kyoto being the formal capital of Japan and is rich with traditions and culture. It’s like a walking museum! World heritage sites are located everywhere around the city. Pity i only got to visit one monument 😦 Unlike Tokyo where most eateries and shops are westernized, Kyoto holds true to it’s Japanese roots! The journey to Kyoto took 2-3hours on the Shinkasen (bullet train) which was a smooth and pleasant ride. However, the train station is really fucking congested…. no elevators or escalators to be found anywhere…. which is why i advice to travel light and DO NOT BRING A BULKY LUGGAGE! Which was what my mum and I did… poor us. Being us, by the time we arrived we rushed to the hotel to recuperate and did our nails later in the evening. (HAHA)

The following day was spent at Fushimi Inari shrine, where most of the day was spent hiking the Inari mountain. It was a sublime experience, being so close to nature. What’s more was that everything seemed to be trapped in time except for the fact that the signal was still awesome. It’s tradition to wash ur hands with water in the picture above before entering the array of shrines located inside. Amidst the hike to the top, we stopped for lunch at a tea house-ish eatery! We had to remove our shoes and sit on the bamboo floors while overlooking the dense forest littered with bright orange shrines. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I wasnt able to see the main shrine located right at the top since my mum wanted to go back… 😦 The train ride back was early in the morning so i was denied the experience to explore kyoto further. I really wish I had more time in Kyoto, i really loved it there. I’m already having plans to return later in the year with my friends!


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