My Final Days in Japan

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My final days in Japan… were spent shopping and walking aimlessly around town. I really regretted not planning my days out better so that I would have been able to grasp japanese culture even better. I missed out on trying authentic cuisine while in Tokyo as most places were very westernized. Not saying that the commercial food in Japan isn’t amazing and one of a kind. The flavors were extraordinary as japanese and western cuisine were fused so seamlessly. I just wished I had the opportunity to walk around in the suburbs and actually witness day to day operations of local and actually being one with Japanese culture. I was too focused on shopping… a common mistake by many. But how could I not be? Tokyo is a mecca of fashion and I really couldn’t help myself. Men’s fashion in Tokyo is way superior compared to women’s wear, and I couldn’t bare to look away from the pristine tailoring and distraught denim. I was also in sneaker heaven. Everyone takes so much initiative to look good and I could easily just ogle at the well dressed Japanese.

I had actually planned to visit some local parks and museums while in Tokyo… but missed the opportunity. Don’t worry though! I’ll be back for more in due time


A degree holder in less than 2years……?

Hello all! As you guys already know I just completed my O Levels and am awaiting my results, which will be released in two days time… wish me luck! So now that results are almost out, the reality of my future is close at hand and it has got me thinking a lot lately about…’what’s next?’ Of course, in Singapore, education is really important so I’ll definitely be furthering my education.

My choices for furthering my education were always based on my lifestyle, so initially I was set on going to a Polytechnic. During that period of time, I was busy socializing and having too much fun. I assumed that poly was right for me since I love making new friends and being the life of the party. However, I still really wanted to secure good grades. I’m just not disciplined enough to handle work and play as effortlessly as some of my older friends do – the Polytechnic system takes a more holistic and consistent approach when it comes to university admissions.

The natural other choice was Junior College, where the main focus is on your grades, term after term. The environment, as you should know, is similar to secondary school so I would be in my comfort zone. Since I am affiliated to Catholic JC, it was almost status quo for me to further my education there – provided I do well. During the O level period I discovered that studying was actually really enjoyable (yes!), so I thought I had nothing to fear.

So, we have the Poly route and the JC route covered and I thought those were the two options for me. I had never really thought of the Private school route until recently, when my friend, Kalebh, mentioned some of the benefits of it. So he’s in Kaplan currently and I’ve heard quite a number of my seniors being in Kaplan too. What caught my eye was the fact that the programmes in Kaplan allow you to kick-start your career earlier than most of your friends.

It was really surprising to know that I can actually attain a degree in less than 2.5 years time. That would mean I’d be a degree holder before I’m 20?! If I go to Poly, I’d only attain my diploma at 20. If I go to JC, I’d only attain my degree cert when I’m probably around…22/23 years old? That’s 2 years ahead of a lot of people. So some of you may be thinking… “Wait, this sounds really dodgy.”. (Actually…I initially felt that way too HAHA). When in doubt…Google it!

So this was what I found out: How Kaplan allows you to attain a degree in less than 2.5years is cause they have a very condensed syllabus. Basically, if you’re fresh out of secondary school (like me), you can take an 8-month diploma which sends you straight to Year 2 of their university programmes. They offer a wide range of courses, so I’m definitely spoilt for choice. Having two modules for each term of two months, your time is easily managed and you can strive to be the best in your class. 🙂 Achieving all of this in just 8months. Here are some of the diplomas offered: (shall copy and paste for all of you – the kind soul that I am)

• Diploma in Accountancy
• Diploma in Commerce (Business Administration)
• Diploma in Commerce (Finance & Banking)
• Diploma in Commerce (Hospitality & Tourism Management)
• Diploma in Commerce (Human Resource Management)
• Diploma in Commerce (Marketing Management)
• Diploma in Commerce (Sales & Retail Management)
• Diploma in Counselling
• Diploma in Information Technology
• Diploma in Mass Communication
• Professional Diploma in Securities & Investment Management <<<< so many choices………. see i no lie one 

Well, there’s much more information on their website. I wouldn’t want to bore you too much with all the nitty-gritty details. You can check out more here:


Diploma in Mass Communication

If I go to Kaplan, I’ll probably choose this. Have always thought of becoming a journalist, a host or perhaps work at a magazine! Saw that they have modules like Feature Writing, Journalism and Marketing Communication and I guess this would get me one step closer to such job prospects.  My mum is also in the industry (producer) and offered me some advice that starting ur career earlier is much more ideal! WE NEED ALL THE REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE WE CAN GET


On top of that, Kaplan has ties with notable universities such as Birmingham City University, Murdoch University, Northumbria University, Royal Holloway (University of London) and University College Dublin. You guys are probably like ehhh… where are all the prestigious universities like Oxford? I’m being realistic here, I have definitely no chance of getting into RJC or HCI so Oxford is pretty much of out the game. Two of the universities offering communications degrees (glam career here I come!) that caught my eye among the rest were:

Murdoch University

Ranked in the World’s Top 2% of higher education institutions by Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2012/2013
International outlook rated 83.3/100 by Times Higher Education.

Quite a number of people I know are in Murdoch University. It’s based in Perth and I can actually choose to do a semester there!:D There are so many courses here with different variations of double majors so you can really get the ‘best of both worlds’ here. E.g. I could attain a Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations and Management. That’s two totally different majors course but Murdoch allows you to take up both.  

Northumbria University

Their Newcastle Business School is ranked Top 25 Business School in the UK by The Sunday Times University Guide 2013.

What I find really awesome is how their Mass Communication degrees are 100% assignment-based and can be completed in 16 months => bye, bye mugging!!! Northumbria offers direct honours with dual specialisations – what that means is that I can study Mass Comm and Business, and graduate with honours in one degree too! 

Interesting how education is really taking a holistic approach and how it has evolved with the changing times. 

Well, I guess that’s some food-for-thought for all. Come to think of it, the Internet and Twitter are really great inventions (haha). If it wasn’t for it, I wouldn’t have been exposed to more options and I would have just thought my two options were Poly or JC. I only share the best with my readers so hopefully this helped all of you in deciding your next move in furthering your studies as well! 

I wish all my readers all the best if u are about to receive ur O Level results. ❤ 

Anyway here are some pictures of how my O level life went about…. (if this was too wordy for u :()

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Japan Day 5,6&7




























THE WEEKEND WHERE I WENT TO KYOTO! Kyoto being the formal capital of Japan and is rich with traditions and culture. It’s like a walking museum! World heritage sites are located everywhere around the city. Pity i only got to visit one monument 😦 Unlike Tokyo where most eateries and shops are westernized, Kyoto holds true to it’s Japanese roots! The journey to Kyoto took 2-3hours on the Shinkasen (bullet train) which was a smooth and pleasant ride. However, the train station is really fucking congested…. no elevators or escalators to be found anywhere…. which is why i advice to travel light and DO NOT BRING A BULKY LUGGAGE! Which was what my mum and I did… poor us. Being us, by the time we arrived we rushed to the hotel to recuperate and did our nails later in the evening. (HAHA)

The following day was spent at Fushimi Inari shrine, where most of the day was spent hiking the Inari mountain. It was a sublime experience, being so close to nature. What’s more was that everything seemed to be trapped in time except for the fact that the signal was still awesome. It’s tradition to wash ur hands with water in the picture above before entering the array of shrines located inside. Amidst the hike to the top, we stopped for lunch at a tea house-ish eatery! We had to remove our shoes and sit on the bamboo floors while overlooking the dense forest littered with bright orange shrines. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I wasnt able to see the main shrine located right at the top since my mum wanted to go back… 😦 The train ride back was early in the morning so i was denied the experience to explore kyoto further. I really wish I had more time in Kyoto, i really loved it there. I’m already having plans to return later in the year with my friends!

Japan Day 4








Kinda forgot to upload these pictures… pls forgive me! These were taken near my hotel located at Hyakunincho, Shinjuku. I had no idea that Hyakunincho is dedicated to all things KPOP or anything korean related. Right when i spotted life these sized posters of T.O.P, i was immediately teleported to heaven. Not joking, I seriously felt a bit light headed from the stares all the T.O.P posters were giving me. The posters cost 500yen (6SGD), and i really couldn’t fathom the idea of T.O.P’s face being mine for less than $10?! They were of amazing quality as well….. With rows of stores lined up, every KPOP idol could be easily located. There were Big Bang cafes with GD, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri faces plastered everywhere around the shop! ~heaven~ we really need more of this in sg.

It was really enlightening experience as well, it felt like being in korea! Most of the shop keepers spoke fluent korean greeting the korean locals with annyeonghaseyo. Amazing how hospitable the Japanese can be

Japan 2013 Day 3&4

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My mum had to work during these two days so i spent my time wandering around shibuya. For me the best part about being in a foreign land, is spending time alone. Especially in Japan where I dont speak the language (duh), it proved to be a thrilling experience. I was able to walk aimlessly without care and document my travels with my camera. Eating also becomes a totally new sensation! It feels as if food becomes your companion, and becomes much tastier. Just to indulge in the flavors and environment makes everything so much more colorful.

A new year

Honestly i’ve never really understood the hyped gathered around the new year. For me, it was just an excuse to party. (hehe) And the 2014 countdown proved no different. However i would like to reflect on 2013’s highs and lows. It proved no easy year as i had to tackle the daunting O level national examinations. I placed a lot of pressure on myself and really….really…..worked my ass off. My friends were casted aside and fun came to a grinding halt. School was main priority with coffee and beef pies as my accomplices. (hehe) I also formed new relationships. I shared a deeper bond with my classmates, and understand how opposing characters can gel together so well. We tackled everything together in school and faced it head strong. ❤

2013 had provided me with so much opportunities. Firstly, i got signed with The Nu Model management and Gushcloud (they both happen towards the end of the year), participated in The New Paper New Face. But most importantly, i met people that will stay very close to my heart. I’m truly blessed 🙂

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IMG_8486IMG_8488Wishing everyone an awesome year ahead! (something u might wanna watch if u aren’t in the best of moods)