Future and What To Expect

Well i’ve been thinking of what my future will consist of in the next few years and the objectives i want to achieve by then. The first thought that comes to my mind is well of course O levels and the desired score i want to achieve. I’m aiming at a L1R5 9, a score that will get me into a good JC and course i want to pursue in the future. For me that score seems pretty out of reach and Im not sure if ill be able to attain it, it’ll be an awesome accomplishment if i do though! The pride, joy and tears resulting from all the hard work and pain from the dreadful study. In this current age of singapore, everything kinda depends on qualifications u are able to achieve. Its a very “paper” based society, with more certs the better qualified u are? I guess that seems very logical but also uninspiring but I’LL DEAL WITH THAT. Besides the whole focus on my studies, i would also like to focus on my photography and maybe start a project with a group of people about an lifestyle, I’m drawing some inspiration from RJ Shughnessy, STAY COOL work!! Its pretty damn awesome and i love it so much


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